Resinous Industrial Flooring

There has been an increase in the usage of resin floor coatings & Resinous Flooring owing to the increased limitation of concrete floorings & other types of floorings like Kota Stone and Vitrified Tiles. The drawbacks of the concrete floors like cracks & porosity, seepage of oils leading to unappealing patches, weakening of reinforcement & concrete surface due to chemical spillages and possibilities of microbial growth are absent in the resinous floor coatings, which make it an excellent choice for industrial flooring these days.Less time Consuming & makes floor clear from dirt and growth of Fungus.

The technical details of this category are as follows:

Product Characteristic Application
RANSEAL-EPDF Epoxy based primer/ sealer Resin-Hardner. As primer/ sealer for various applications (solvent free coating system)
RANFLOOR-EPHW Epoxy based two components Hard wearing EPHW-Resin & Hardener. Hard wearing epoxy flooring
RANFLOOR-EPSL Epoxy based two component self leveling EPSL-Resin & Hardener. Self leveling epoxy flooring
RANFLOOR-EPML & EPCR Epoxy based two component EPML & EPCR- Resin & Harder Mono Lathic & Chemical resistance Epoxy flooring

Dust Free Epoxy Flooring

Naya rangoli paints offers Dust Free Epoxy Flooring for various manufacturing units.

Industrial Flooring

We are market leaders in the manufacture and export of various Industrial Floorings, Grouting and Coving. We offer our clients with various Industrial floorings like the following:

  • Epoxy Flooring
  • Joint Filling
  • Epoxy Wall to Floor, Wall to Ceiling Coving
  • Pencil Coving
  • Wall Paintings