Acid Resistant Epoxy Cement

Acid Resistant Epoxy Cement is Epoxy based cement. Epoxy is a paste type epoxy based resin cement and resistant to non – oxidizing acids, alkalies, salts and solvents and can withstand maximum temperature 100oC. Epoxy is widely applicable and versatile material in corrosion Technology. It is available in three component system the solution, the catalyst and the powder. The catalyst is added to about 10 percent on the weight of solution. The powders are available in various aggregate combinations depending on environmental requirements and is added from 3 to 6 times the solution. After adding the catalyst or the harder to the solution add the powder slowly while stirring to make even and uniform paste.

Technical Data:

  • Ratio :- Powder : Solution – 5:1
  • Color – Off White
  • Compressive Strength (kg/cm2) – 500
  • Working time. Min at 27°C+ 2°C(mins.) – 20
  • Initial Time. Min at 27°C+ 2°C(mins.) – 6 hrs
  • Final Setting Time. Min at 27°C+ 2°C(mins.) – 10 to 12 hrs
  • Flexural Strength (kg/cm2) – 150
  • Bond Strength (kg/cm2) – 10
  • Water Absorption (Max %) – 01
  • Temperature Resistant (Max °C) – 90
  • Self Life @ 27°C ** – 3 month

Ratio will be depending on Temp, working condition & workman. Setting time depend upon temp humidity and ratio. Prepare sufficient quantity of mortar which can be utilized in 20 minute and remove mortar from Pan before another batch is mixed.