Acid Resistant Cement

We are leading Manufacturer and Supplier of Acid Resistant Cement. These are different type of chemicals like liquid silicates which are used extensively as penetrating concrete sealers. The silica reacts with free calcium in the concrete and forms calcium silicate hydrate. This results in a concrete surface that is more abrasion-resistant, more chemically resistant, harder and less permeable. Potassium Silicate can be used to prevent whitish blooming, or efflorescence.
Because oil well cements have a relatively high water content, meta silicates are added to help prevent segregation of the solids from the water. We provide Acid Resistant Cements made up of these chemicals.

Anti Acid Linings in Battery Rooms

Anti Acid Linings in Battery Rooms as it protects the floor against the leakage of Acids from Batteries.