Acid Proof Furan Cement

It is a Furan Resin base cement. Furan is an impermeable cement is a chemical resisting cement with great resistance to a wide diversity of cement of chemical compounds including acids, alkalis, oils, Brines, Solvents etc. Acid Proof Furan Cement can be use in laying and pointing of acid proof brick and tiles, Mandana stone construction of Acid resistance tank flooring it is also use in pipe jointing materials.
Application: Dyes & Intermediates, Chemical Process Industries, Steel Plant., Dairy Food & Beverages Plants, Tubing Manufacturing Plant, Electrolyzing Plants, Oil Refineries, Rayon Industries , Pulp & Paper Mills, and many others applications.
The setting of Acid Proof Furan Cement is affected by change in atmosphere & temperatures and becomes very slow when the tempreture low. This could be overcome by keeping the site warm with heaters. The Solution may be placed near warm places, the mixing could be done in warm place, the bricks may be stacked in checkered fashion, around fire or steam coil.
Mixing Ratio & Technical Data

  • Ratio :- Powder : Solution – 3:1
  • Color – Black
  • Compressive Strength (kg/cm2) – 350
  • Working time. Min at 27°C+ 2°C(mins.) – 20
  • Initial Time. Min at 27°C+ 2°C(mins.) – 6 hrs
  • Final Setting Time. Min at 27°C+ 2°C(mins.) – 10 to 12 hrs
  • Flexural Strength (kg/cm2) – 75
  • Bond Strength (kg/cm2) – 10
  • Water Absorption (Max %) – 01
  • Temperature Resistant (Max °C) – 170
  • Self Life @ 27°C ** – 2 month

Ratio will be depending on Temp, working condition & workman. Setting time depend upon temp humidity and ratio. Prepare sufficient quantity of mortar which can be utilized in 20 minute and remove mortar from Pan before another batch is mixed.