Acid Proof CNSL Cement

We are engaged in Manufacturing and supplying of Acid Proof CNSL Cement that is a silica filled,cashew-nut oil base resin. These are similar to plastic but are non-porous and self hardening. When set and cooled, these become impermeable dense cement. Further, these are used in laying and pointing of acid proof bricks as well as tiles for the constructing acid resistant tank linings and flooring surfaces. These are also utilized as joining material for fixing together pipe line for transporting corrosive fluids like alkalies, acids, solvents and oils. Resistant to a gamut of acid, alkalies, water, hydrofluoric acid up to 40% concentrations, these exhibits excellent protection against hydrofluoric and nitric acid while treating stainless steel.

Physical & chemical properties are:

  • Color: Black
  • Porosity: Non-porous
  • Compressive strength (week): 360 kg/cm2
  • Percentage of Water absorption(max%): 1.0
  • Density: 94 lbs./cu. ft.
  • Temperature resistance: 190°C
  • Mixing Ratio(Powder: Solution): 3:1

Mixing ratio of these resins are mentioned here under:

  • Powder:3 Kgs
  • Syrup: 1 Kg