Shaktisil Cement Mortar

We offer our clients high quality Silicate Powder and Solution as per the International standards and as per the client requirements.


Shaktisil-K is a chemically setting, silicate type, acid proof cement mortar. Shaktisil- K mortar is prepared by combining Shaktisol- K Syrup and Shaktisil-K Powder to form a workable mix. the mixing ration is 1 part of liquid to 3 parts of powder by weight.

Shaktisil-K is resistant to all acids and salts, excepting those containing fluorine. Since this mortar is 100% inorganic composition, it is unaffected by strong oxidizing acids. Shaktisil-K mortar is insert to most organic solvents. It is not recommended for continuous water, or alkaline service conditions.

Shaktisil-K cement mortar consists of potassium silicate binder and finely divided filler containing the setting agent; hardening by internal chemical action. Shaktisil-K mortar provides proper consistency for installing acid proof tile and brick; and desired strength.