Mastic Membrane

Our Mastic Membrane services as excellent products for providing resistance to mild acids & alkalis and for effective electrical conductance. These membranes have been manufactured following set industry standards and are in great demand among our clients. We offer you these top-grade products at market competitive prices.Bitumen Mastics of Acid Resistant Grade has been considered very effective as covering of floors for electroplationg shops, processing departments, chemical liquor wash sections, gutters and in fertilizers, rayon, diestuff or waste water treatment plants, and other chemical factories.

Technical Specifications:

Product Characteristic Application
Acid Resistance Good resistance to mild Acids & Alkalies.
  • Used as membranes behind acid resistant brick/ tile lining. Also used as an industrial mastic for exposed condition where heavy movement is expected.
  • Membrane for acid proof lining on floors and vertical areas without the use of mesh reinforcement
Anti- static & Mark Mastics For Electrical conducting.
  • Used in places like Petroleum Installation & LPG Godowns bottling plants where electrical discharge should not get accumulated.
  • Also used as Ammunition Depot,which is a military storage facility for live ammunition and explosives.